IT & Telecommunications

IT & Telecommunications are essential to enhance the competitiveness of countries, flow of information, development, economic growth, business innovation and productivity. It’s hard to imagine modern generation without technology. These technologies are so much imprinted into our concept of world and in our private lives that it is simply unrealistic to imagine our existence without them at least for a while. With lighter devices, higher speed connections, higher volume capacity, better voice quality and more energy efficiency, IT owners are confronted with a rapidly shifting technology landscape. Simple-IT offers services to alleviate the process of modernization.

Benefits of server management services

Server work done right, by experts. With more than a decade of experience, Simple-IT can manage the day-to-day server operations. Our professional team works on a daily basis with all kind of server xtplatforms. To get peace of mind knowing that your server or servers cluster is managed properly by people who know what they are doing. The server work has to be done by professionals that have the experience, skills, and know-how of managing servers. That’s where we can help.

Improve Strategy

Boost Performance

Assure Security

Reduce Downtime

Eliminate Problems

Protect Data

Cloud Migration Services

Navigating through complexities of an IT migration project doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With Simple-IT migration services, you benefit from our experience. Our robust methodology, expertise and planning resources can transform the way even the most complex migration project emerge. Using our comprehensive discovery tools and best experts from the field, we help identify complex hierarchical structures, utilization and application interdependencies. This approach creates a cost-effective, risk-averse migration strategy for Physical, Virtual and Cloud migrations.

  • Comprehensive discovery tools
  • Access to subject-matter experts
  • Project expertise that drives down costs
  • Risk-averse migration strategy
  • Full-spectrum migration services (virtual, cloud and physical)
  • Unbiased and equipment neutral approach

Network Planning & Security

A robust business network is at core of an organization. As your Business or organisation expands to serve an increasing number of internal and external audiences, pressure of growing security threats grows. The network infrastructure becomes exponentially more complex. With multiple networks, growing volumes of computer systems, applications and end users, the resulting infrastructure is often a web of disparate networks and systems. Infrastructure configuration, deployment, and system integration services are rarely implemented error free as organizations seldom have the time, expertise or resources to implement seamlessly. This complexity often degrades the integrity of these systems making them difficult to manage, control, and monitor, and limits upgrades and system integration advances. In this environment security solutions become reactive and upgrades and system refreshes shift to patch attempts to keep parts of the system current. The network becomes a lumbering entity that requires extensive management, yet continues to operate in an increasingly costly and inefficient manner. To add, multi-vector threats which is often a factor in infrastructure management combined with unstable network connectivity to mobile devices requires a robust and comprehensive security and asset management solution.

  • Identify network assets.
  • Analyze security risks.
  • Analyze security requirements and tradeoffs.
  • Develop a security plan.
  • Define a security policy.
  • Develop procedures for applying security policies.
  • Develop a technical implementation strategy.
  • Achieve buy-in from users, managers, and technical staff.
  • Train users, managers, and technical staff.
  • Implement the technical strategy and security procedures.
  • Test the security and update it if any problems are found.
  • Maintain security.

Building Wireless Networks and Last Mile Wireless Connectivity

We live in a world in which you can’t disconnect, a world where the internet links everything around us, just like electricity did in the 20th century. In this future, the internet can beam down to your palm from light posts or satellites in space. Even in the absence of a wireless signal, any electronic device in your arsenal can communicate with others thanks to low-energy radio signals. Simple-IT as part of its investments owns a fully fledged Wireless Internet Service Provider. Their team of engeneers strive to build reliable and high performance Wireless Networks that provide internet for users even in remote areas.


  • home wireless installations,
  • shopping malls,
  • airports,
  • marinas and autocamps,
  • Hotel Resorts,
  • Municipal Wireless Networks,
  • Custom Last Mile Wireless Links