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What We Do

Our goal is to provide unique specialized products to various business sectors, with the tools of innovative strategies and in hand talent.

About Us

The company was initially established to offer professional engineering service in the field of IT, petrochemicals and agriculture. During recent years we set up a number of projects related to renewable energy, petrochemical trading and R&D research.

Our services combine general engineering, petrochemical production designing and commodity trading, IT security, agricultural projects such as vertical veggie growing and many others.

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Let’s do something amazing


SIMPLE-IT d.o.o.
Obala 114
6320 Portorož, Slovenia

VAT ID: SI51601087
Reg. No.: 1883607000


SIMPLE-IT d.o.o.
TPC Lucija
Obala 114
6320 Portorož


[email protected]

phone +386 59 212 000